Armored Flight – Applies For Fairfield City Grant

This week, the San Francisco Bay Area based band “Armored Flight” is filing an application with the City of Fairfield.  The Department of Community Services Cultural Arts Awards Program will be reviewing the “Local Fairfield” groups application for a possible SEED Grant.

The SEED Grant guidelines were adopted on February 20, 2007 by City Council Resolution 2007-40.  The Cultural Arts Awards Program (CAAP) was established by the City of Fairfield in 1985 to provide grants for new and ongoing arts organizations that respond to the cultural needs and interests of the Citizens of Fairfield.

Armored Flight has a “flight” plan with this possible grant. They want to perform a concert at the local Fairfield Center for Creative Arts to raise the awareness of two very important issues impacting our society today.  One, Family Values and Support Systems, and two, Teens with Dreams.  The Band has a very important message to share, and they feel the SEED Grant will help, and the Fairfield Center for Creative Arts is the perfect venue to do so.

Armored Flight - Planting SEEDS for "Teens with Dreams!"
Armored Flight - Planting SEEDS for "Teens with Dreams!"

Maureen Lillemoe has been most instrumental in helping Armored Flight get the necessary forms and information completed properly, and into the hands of the City of Fairfield and the CAAC for their review.  The band hopes to perform their concert at the Fairfield Center for Creative Arts sometime in the Spring of 2009, in hopes to reach many of the local High School and Jr. High School students and parents.   Their performance and message are simple:

It’s All About “Family Values & Teens with Dreams.”

We hope you’ll support and share this vision by a family who is trying to inspire and motivate their own community and others. By simply demonstrating their own commitment to their family values, and at the same time, helping their own two boys in the process who are in fact, “Teens with Dreams,”  Armored Flight feels confident this SEED Grant and Concert will be approved by the City.

As the summer months draw closer, and the kids are set free from their daily school duties and responsibilities, we hope Armored Flight is given the chance to share their positive message, and they have faith that it will be received “Loud and CLEAR!”  (no pun intended of course)  The possibilities here are exponential, and with the positive impact this could have on their ANY community, they’re hoping it will be welcomed, and well received.

Armored Flight, making a difference in the world, and starting with their own “Home Town!”

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