Armored Flight Enters – Battle Of The Bands

The band has just submitted 4 of their original songs to the “Ernie Ball – Battle of the Bands” for a chance and opportunity to do some pretty exciting stuff.  Here was the email received by the band:


Thanks to all the great bands that participated in the Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands to play the Rockstar Taste of Chaos Tour. We had a great time watching your videos and listening to your tracks.  Congratulations to the band, you have joined the lineup for the 2009 Rockstar Taste of Chaos Tour!  Armored Flight has also entered into the Vans Warped Tour Contest slated for this summer and a chance to…


“Thanks for participating, we hope to see you at the Warped Tour Battle!”

Stop by, take a listen, and vote for us while you’re there…but only if you like the songs of course.  Thanks for your support, we appreciate all our friends and fans.

Armored Flight – Battle Of The Bands

the-battleErnie Ball – Battle of the Bands – City Locations

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