Armored Flight Plays in Hollister, CA

Armored Flight Plays in Hollister, CA

The band was invited to join a “Friends ReUnion” private party located in Hollister, CA. This was a ton of fun.  Many of the friends and family at the party remembered the Dad (Brad Andersohn) in Armored Flight playing in the Band BF Deal when he was only 12 years old.  Now his son (Brandon Andersohn) was sporting the lead and rhythm guitar to the crowds pleasure.

BF Deal ReUnion
It was a great party and some of the best company and friends ever! Some even traveled from as far as Milwaukee to be there.

Picture 7

Original members from BF Deal reunite for a couple of classic Original Oldies, including “The Answering Machine Blues”  Johnny Kinimaka and Brad Andersohn reminisce the old days rockin out like they were teens once again.

Picture 12 Johnny and Brad

Then “Armored Flight” took the stage:

Picture 9 Picture 10 Picture 11

This looks like it will be an annual event and Armored Flight looks forward to being a part of the BF Deal Reunions for years and generations to come.

A message from the host of the party:
You guys were great and the music was awsome! keep up the family rock unit! You know as I that it only gets better and better!  When you start with talent to begin with, it makes the road much easier to take. You guys did a great job!  I’m sure you’re just as proud of them as we were watching them. Soooooo looking foward to the next time we all can get together for whatever reason! It’s nice to have friends that are the same as family! I know your probably on the road right now on your way to Laughlin, NV but I hope this letter finds you soon.  love you guys, Bret and Dana. peace!

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