Armored Flight at UCSF – Opens and Closes RainCamp Conference

Armored Flight at UCSF – Opens and Closes RainCamp Conference

It was a great honor and privilege to “Kick-Off” the Real Estate RainCamp
event held at the UCSF Conference Center yesterday in San Francisco, CA.  The warm welcome and reception from those in attendance was FABULOUS!!

Armored Flight was the First on stage to welcome more than 400+ Real Estate Industry professionals to the tune of  “Eye Of The Tiger”, and they were last to leave the stage with a positive out-going message from one of their original songs called “Just Do It!” “The day and event went great and according to the plan” said Armored Flight spokesperson and Lead Singer (and mom) Debra Andersohn.

Photo by: Cathy Lee

There’s new comments on the blog entry What Is RainCamp™

Comment by Rita Sinclair:

Hi Brad,  I was at yesterdays camp in San Francisco, fantastic information and what a great family you have, to hear your group play and your wife sing, wow, spectacular!

Comment by Jim Cheney Your Rincon Valley Realtor:

You and your family kicked ass in San Francisco yesterday! You guys all sounded great. You have very talented kids!

Comment by  Tina Farinas REALTOR®, ABR®, e-PRO (MagnumOne Realty)

“Hello …I was there as well and still excited about all the tools that was shared at RainCamp.  I also have the “Eye of the Tiger” videotaped.  Gotta give it to Brad and his family.  They truly ROCK!! “

Email From: Chris Fisher of

Subject: Great job yesterday (Sent via Activerain) You have a lovely family, it was nice that you let them share their talent with us. What a fun thing to share as a family too!

Amy Boxer commented On FaceBook

“watching Brandon and Dustin rock it now ! Raincamp in SF!  Woohoo!  you rock man!”

Comment by Anna “Banana” Kruchten

“Yes Brad and his family rocked the house down! That was so cool to see the boys doing so well – loved that part. And his wife has a beautful voice.  That was such a fun treat.”

Comment by Sally Dunbar

“RainCamp was great, but the Andersohn family band was the best.  They ROCKED.  I decided I was born into the wrong family.”

“We want to thank everyone for having us and for all the love and support you showed us through out the event and entire day.  As a family band playing just good old fashioned straight up “Rock and Roll”, you really made our entire family feel like we were part of yours, and you, part of ours. This was one of the “BEST” performances Armored Flight will always remember, not because of us, but all because of you.  We loved San Francisco and RainCamp, but we love the people even more!”

Armored Flight songs will be available on CDBaby, iTunes, Rhapsody, and many other on-line music sites starting mid to late December 2009.  We hope you’ll take a listen, and maybe even make a purchase.

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