Happy 18th Birthday Dustin James – You Rock Dude!

Happy 18th Birthday to our son (and drummer) Dustin James. We are very excited about giving him his gift tonight, it’s a custom drum head cover with the band logo he designed…

He has just informed me of all the things he can legally do now that he’s 18:

smoke, vote, be tried as an adult, play lottery/gamble, go to the club, own a credit card, no restrictions on working, get a drivers license without drivers ed, buy a rifle or shotgun, drive a car with two friends, enter into contracts legally (uh oh) join the military, get piercing or tattoo.

Of all these things, we told him he can only do one!    VOTE! lol~

Seriously, Happy Birthday to the greatest son, drummer, and friend we know… our very own Dustin James!

~Happy 18th Birthday~

Join us in wishing good things for the Birthday Boy today!

2 thoughts on “Happy 18th Birthday Dustin James – You Rock Dude!

  1. Our little guy is now a big man. So handsome, responsible, caring, helpful, loving, creative, and talented. He can be a bit messy at times, but in the scope of things he is a great kid. We love you Dustin James and hope that we make your Birthday a special time for you ❤

    Love MAMA!!!!

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