Father and Son – A Duo Duet Guitar Duel

Just imagine a 13 year old kid standing next to his Dad battling it out on guitars as you listen to this song.  It’s hard to picture a kid, just a kid, playing guitar like this, but I’m here to tell you it’s true.  I had the honor of standing right next to him and watching him pull this stuff off, and right off the cuff.   He’s truly an amazing artist with so much talent, and he’s only just begun.

Last week we sent in our video for the next round of America’s Got Talent in hopes that we’ll get to the next round of auditions.  In preparation for getting an opportunity to be on the show for season 5, Brandon and I decided to work on our chops and get a little practice in.  Now under normal circumstances, Brandon always plays guitar and his Dad plays bass to hold down the bottom end for Armored Flight.

This night was different. As Brandon peeled off to his room to rehearse, Dad decided to pick up the ol Ibanez guitar with the whammy bar and see what he had left in him after playing the bass guitar for so long.  “As I strapped her on, plugged her in, cranked the volume, and began riffing away, Brandon came walking into the loft with his guitar and chord in hand” and says, “Can I jam with you Dad?

Next thing I know, we’re blazing a trail to some new and undiscovered dimensions of music that were buried deep within our spirits and souls.  I can’t tell you how fun it was creating this new song.  First came the back-bone creation, the beat, and feeling of the moment, the bass and drum tracks.  Then came the harmony guitars and duo duet, quickly followed by the “Battle of the axes“, (Brandon wins of course) then right back into the ending of the song which closes with a compelling harmony that Father and Son improvise and embellish.

Press Play To Listen – It may Take a few seconds to Buffer
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The Father and Son Duo Duet Guitar Duel

We had a blast creating and recording this song and hope those of you who stumble upon this creation will enjoy it just as much as we did. This will be the first of many tunes to come on Brandon’s Debut “Solo” album that is now in the works and was inspired by this first song.  We hope to have it released before he turns 14 years old.  It’s amazing what can happen when you set aside the time to practice, create, embellish, and improvise with no set expectations.

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