Brandon Andersohn on ABC Television

Armored Flight guitarist “Brandon Andersohn” appears “LIVE” on ABC’s – KXTV Chanel 10 out of Sacramento, CA.  The show “Sacramento and Company” featured him with his new gig playing with the Crosson Brothers out of Vacaville, CA.  The morning show that comes on right after “Good Morning America” Interviewed the group and also featured them many times through-out the show.

Some of the segments in this video were recorded from a computer screen.  Since the show was syndicated globally via the website, we were able to capture some of these moments on video.  Though the quality of audio and video is not what we had hoped for or expected ultimately, the video does capture a few moments in time that will live in the memories of these fine young boys for the rest of their lives.

This is the very first debut on National Television of Brandon and his friends and Band, The Crosson Brothers. Enjoy!

Congratulations to these kids, they have worked hard to come this far.   With their CD now public and available in local stores and talks of a summer tour in Brazil and other locations, these kids are destined for a wonderful musical journey. They’re turning their dreams into a reality.  Brandon is very excited about where this journey will take him and his talents.

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