☛ America’s Got Talent – Armored Flight Passes The Audition ✈

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✉  These were the exact words in the email we just received from the casting staff and casting producer at NBC’s AMERICA’S GOT TALENT SEASON 5! You can’t begin to imagine how exciting this is for us?!?   OMG, the excitement and emotions are running wild in the Andersohn home right now, and can hardly be expressed or even put into words.

This is a HUGE honor, privilege, and opportunity for our family and band. We’re nothing short of elated, flabbergasted, and floating on clouds right now.  Here’s the audition video we created while recording this song in the studio, and then submitted it for this seasons show.

✍  When we received word that we had passed the first round of auditions and are now going on to the next round, life and time seemed to just stop right there!  The only comparison that comes to mind is like finding out you just won the Lottery! We know that tens of thousands are turned away from AGT all over the country every year, and to be selected as a “next round” contestant makes us very humbled, and yet very proud.  Shoot, we are down-right STOKED!

The first thing we did when we found out was call the kids schools and ask that the principles announce it in each of their classrooms.  Brandon’s teacher announced it right in front of the whole class, while Dustin’s teacher walked into class and slipped him “the note.”  I can only imagine that concentrating on their classes the rest of the day after getting news like that must have been close to impossible.

So now we go on to the next level of auditions and if we make it past that, we go on the show and compete for the $1,000,000 dollars and a chance to be the Winners of America’s Got Talent Season 5. This is a dream come true. This is already a big win for us.  Just getting past the first round of auditions and making it to the next round could be one of our greatest accomplishments ever.  This is the beginning of some very exciting times ahead for us.

We love America, and hope they’ll love us back enough to vote for us, and help us win AGT5 as “America’s ONLY Family Rock Band!” We’ve got some serious hard work and lot’s of practice and rehearsals ahead, so we’ll be signing off for a while.  Don’t worry, we’ll be back very soon with an update and the latest news on what’s happening with this new journey and adventure of ours. Thanks AGT and thanks America!!  ★

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Watch Out Eddie and Alex Van Halen – There’s New Kids In Town

Could these guys be the next “brother TEAM” in the Rock n Roll Business? Van Halen – Eddie is the Guitar player with his brother Alex on the Drums, well this is Brandon on the guitar with his brother Dustin on the drums.  These kids are just beginning their careers and have already created some great exposure and gathered some attention from some pretty heavy hitters not to mention from NBC’s America’s Got Talent.

The brothers and their “Family Band” just entered into the contest in Portland Oregon submitting their video  to the AGT5 website for auditions.

The video was just picked up by one of the AGT Fan sites and now they’re just waiting to hear if the next show they do will be on “NBC’s LIVE Television show, America’s Got Talent.

Does Eddie and Alex Van Halen got talent? You better believe it!  Will Brandon and Dustin be the next chosen “brothers” and band for America?  We’ll have to wait and see how America votes the answer to that?

Armored Flight FaceBook Friends and Fans – Thank You!

Our Facebook friends and fans have shown a huge out-pouring of support for Armored Flight Guitarist, Brandon Andersohn, (age 13) who just auditioned for America’s Got Talent, Season 5.

We just wanted to say “Thank You” publically for all the love and support. We’ll find out sometime in March 2010 if Brandon passed the audition at LA’s Convention Center this past weekend.  Armored Flight family, friends, and fans ROCK!!

Social Media Friends make more of a difference than you could know or imagine!

Thank you!!
(More Details Coming shortly…)

Armored Flight – Behind the Scenes and Uncut

Armored Flight – Behind the Scenes and Uncut

Here’s some behind the scenes footage of went down in the recording studio while creating the “Just Do It” demo CD.  You’ll see how much fun these guys are and how much fun they had creating their music together as a family, and as a band. Enjoy!

These Songs Are Available Now
Take Me AwayLovin YouJust Do It

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America’s Got Talent auditions Armored Flight Guitarist Brandon Andersohn

America’s Got Talent auditions Armored Flights Guitarist “Brandon Andersohn”

It’s official, we received the email yesterday that Brandon Andersohn, Armored Flights 13 year old guitarist extraordinaire will be auditioning for the producers of America’s Got Talent on January 23 & 24th, 2010 in Los Angeles, CA.  This is exciting news for both Brandon, and his family Band more popularly known as Armored Flight.  As a “teen with a dream,” we’re hoping to see Brandon go “All The Way!”  Will America see and believe he’s “Got Talent?”  We think so!

Actual email from AGT5 –

Date: 12/17/09 Hi Brandon,

We’ve just released FIVE more audition cities that we’ll be invading in the New Year.  SAVE THE DATES of January 23rd and 24,th 2010 for your Los Angeles Audition. Don’t miss your opportunity to wow our producers LIVE IN PERSON!

In the next several weeks you will be receiving your audition confirmation email with the date, time, and location of your audition along with details concerning any and everything you may have questions about. Your audition will be here before you know it!  SAVE THE DATE!

So in the meantime, TIGHTEN UP THAT ACT!  You gotta’ be ready to BRING IT in front of our producers!

Good Luck!
America’s Got Talent


So to all our friends, family, fans, listeners and followers, we hope you’ll support the Armored Flight Family “Rock” Band, and especially Brandon when it comes time to place your votes.

He not only wants to pass the audition, HE WANTS TO WIN!!

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Armored Flight Guitarist enters America’s Got Talent

America's Got Talent
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Brandon Andersohn of Armored Flight confirmed today that he has officially entered the try-outs and auditions for America’s Got Talent 2010.  His family is 100% behind him and thinks the 13 year old guitar virtuoso has an outstanding chance to become a finalist if not the winner of this years competition.

The band is heading in to the recording studio next week to put together a “High Fidelity” demo for promoters and for the staff of AGT.  Look for more announcements and updates as they unfold in the Armored Flight Journey.