The 14 Year Old Guitar Extremist

The JS1200 Ibanez signature series guitar by Joe Satriani, what any guitarist wouldn’t give to own one.  Now for a 14 year old guitarist to be dreaming of owning one is another story, and here it is.  This is a guitar that has been the apple of this child’s eye for quite some time.   If you’ve ever seen “The Christmas Story” then you know how bad someone can want something and how fun it can be to surprise them with the gift of their dreams.  This was the case for Armored Flight guitarist Brandon Andersohn and it was no red rider BB gun.  A Christmas dream come true.

Not long after seeing and meeting Joe Satriani at a guitar clinic held at Guitar Center in San Francisco, CA. this young “extremist” decided to follow his dream and made a commitment that music and guitar were going to be his life.  One day, he’d be a professional guitar player just like his mentor Joe Satriani.  The inspiration and motivation instilled in this young man by Joe that evening is evident in this song and video.  That “one day” that he has dreamed of may already be here.  The candy apple red guitar resonates his heart and passion and displays his gifts and talents for both the eyes and ears.

Inspired by Joe Satriani, Brandon Andersohn performs “Always with me, Always With You

Watch Out Eddie and Alex Van Halen – There’s New Kids In Town

Could these guys be the next “brother TEAM” in the Rock n Roll Business? Van Halen – Eddie is the Guitar player with his brother Alex on the Drums, well this is Brandon on the guitar with his brother Dustin on the drums.  These kids are just beginning their careers and have already created some great exposure and gathered some attention from some pretty heavy hitters not to mention from NBC’s America’s Got Talent.

The brothers and their “Family Band” just entered into the contest in Portland Oregon submitting their video  to the AGT5 website for auditions.

The video was just picked up by one of the AGT Fan sites and now they’re just waiting to hear if the next show they do will be on “NBC’s LIVE Television show, America’s Got Talent.

Does Eddie and Alex Van Halen got talent? You better believe it!  Will Brandon and Dustin be the next chosen “brothers” and band for America?  We’ll have to wait and see how America votes the answer to that?

America’s Got Talent auditions Armored Flight Guitarist Brandon Andersohn

America’s Got Talent auditions Armored Flights Guitarist “Brandon Andersohn”

It’s official, we received the email yesterday that Brandon Andersohn, Armored Flights 13 year old guitarist extraordinaire will be auditioning for the producers of America’s Got Talent on January 23 & 24th, 2010 in Los Angeles, CA.  This is exciting news for both Brandon, and his family Band more popularly known as Armored Flight.  As a “teen with a dream,” we’re hoping to see Brandon go “All The Way!”  Will America see and believe he’s “Got Talent?”  We think so!

Actual email from AGT5 –

Date: 12/17/09 Hi Brandon,

We’ve just released FIVE more audition cities that we’ll be invading in the New Year.  SAVE THE DATES of January 23rd and 24,th 2010 for your Los Angeles Audition. Don’t miss your opportunity to wow our producers LIVE IN PERSON!

In the next several weeks you will be receiving your audition confirmation email with the date, time, and location of your audition along with details concerning any and everything you may have questions about. Your audition will be here before you know it!  SAVE THE DATE!

So in the meantime, TIGHTEN UP THAT ACT!  You gotta’ be ready to BRING IT in front of our producers!

Good Luck!
America’s Got Talent

So to all our friends, family, fans, listeners and followers, we hope you’ll support the Armored Flight Family “Rock” Band, and especially Brandon when it comes time to place your votes.

He not only wants to pass the audition, HE WANTS TO WIN!!

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