The Story


This is the story of Armored Flight. Their musical legacy has been handed down for generations.   This family of very talented and unique musicians are destined to become one of the greatest musical phenomenons ever.   These three boys, born into the Andersohn Family, have joined forces to create a new musical band and legacy called “Armored Flight”.  A truly inspirational family project that has gone viral.

While the oldest son is away at college, getting ready to graduate from Cal Poly, the remaining two sons have focused all their efforts on collaborating and writing original music.  Songs like “Take Me Away” and “Just Do It” will leave you breathless.  “Lovin You” and “One of The Boys” are sure to be top hits this summer.  Their #1 sure to be hit seller is called “No Words”, a song that will leave you absolutely astonished.  It’s the one that once you hear it, you just can’t get it out of your head.   It’s also one you’ll never remember or know the words.   Why?  Because they change every time it’s performed.  There’s really no other song quite like it in the world.

As the vision and dream of creating a family band became more evident and then a reality, the Andersohn family decided to plunge forward with total perseverance and determination.  In just 3 short months they managed to convert the living room in their home into a rehearsal space, purchase new drums, amps, guitars, PA, and other gear, and are now working on their soon to be released CD.   They have completed their goal in less than 90 days.

Armored Flight is currently in the studio being recorded, their CD produced and engineered at Solano Community College.  The ten song set they are currently working on performing, is unlike any other performance you will ever see.

What really makes Armored Flight unique and special is that they are a family. When most families are sitting at the dinner table enjoying each others presence and stories, or gathered around the TV taking in a movie, Armored Flight is gathered in their living room creating, writing, singing, sharing, performing and having fun while producing some pretty amazing stuff.  There are few families that can do what Armored Flight has done.  Seeing really is believing.

The second most spectacular quality is that there isn’t a better 12 year old guitarist anywhere else on the planet!  With only 2 years of playing experience, this extraordinary kid will turn heads and hearts.

Armored Flight is Brandon Andersohn (age 12) on Guitar, Dustin James (age 17) on Drums and Percussion, Debra Lee (mom) on Lead Vocals, and Brad Andersohn (dad) on Bass Guitar. These four are just something you have to see and hear.

You will find the Andersohn’s at home every night working on their music, videos, and pre-productions, all between homework, chores, their family time, and travel.  Their first tentative 2009 road tour is being setup and scheduled for this summer.  The tour bus awaits them…

Life is a journey and just like a “Flight”,  ALL families today need to have a protective  “Armor” around them.   The Andersohn Family is one that feels strongly about their gifts, their morals and values, and believe that if they play together, they’ll stay together.  Don’t miss them appearing live in the San Francisco Bay Area (see schedule).  Once they are contracted with a National Record Label, you’ll be seeing and hearing much more about them all over the world.  Fasten your seat belts, come join us, and prepare to take an “Armored Flight!”

That’s their story, and they are most definitely sticking to it!

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