Armored Flight Music – Now Available on iTunes

Armored Flight’s pre-release CD “Just Do It” is now available on iTunes. The band recently recorded a few songs in a Local recording studio with Masaki Liu as their engineer and producer.  After many hours of pre production and recording, the songs have finally been mixed, mastered, and sent off to to be distributed on their site, iTunes, Rhapsody, and many others.

I’m so excited to finally have our songs on the Internet for friends to listen to and purchase” said Brandon Andersohn, the youngest member of the family band. “Dude, How cool” was the only response I could get out of the bands drummer, Dustin James as he rushed to his iPhone to check…

We hope you enjoy listening to the first few tunes that will be included in the Bands new album coming out sometime in 2010.  The new CD  will also include other potential hits like “All Out”, “All I Need”, “No Words” and “Bigger Than  Life” but in the meantime, we wanted to share these with you. Enjoy!

Take a listen here: Take Me AwayLovin YouJust Do It

Or you can own all 3 for just 2.97

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