Armored Flight – OURSTAGE Welcomes The Family Band

Armored Flight – Welcomes The Family Band

Come see our latest addition to a really cool site created to help promote and support some of the greatest bands in the world. has a really simple layout and features some of the most popular and up and coming talent from all over the world.  We’re happy and honored to have a small space on a very large web venue.

Come Listen and Vote for Us - Click Here

Be sure to vote for Armored Flight if you have the chance to stop by and visit.  We just entered one of our “HIT” songs “Just Do It” into the monthly contest for September and would love to have your support and votes.

2 thoughts on “Armored Flight – OURSTAGE Welcomes The Family Band

  1. WOW !!!! Armored Flight is awesome !!!

    Got to tell you Brad Andersohn is one of the greatest Dad’s in the world……He takes pride in his family,,,,sacarficies time, money and other personal items to give his family the attention and time as TRULY a dedicated Father.

    You can see his family is his number one priority in life!!!!
    That is the basis ..why Armored Flight has a rock solid and sound future!

    America needs more people like Brad Andersohn ….A true American Icon

    • Robert – WOW!!! I am speechless…
      Thanks for that awesome comment man, you just made my day/week/month/year/life!!

      My family is why and what I live for no doubt! 🙂

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