Spring Fling Faire Raises Money for K-9 Bullet Proof Vest

This will be the first ever Spring Fling Faire in Fairfield, CA.

The Solano County Sheriff’s Department needs help in raising funds for their K9 units. It cost $1600 to purchase a single bullet proof vest for one of mans best friends. Our goal is to help raise enough money to at least purchase a single vest for one of the K9 unit dogs.

There will be live music and entertainment, food, vendors, a fund raising raffle and more.

Local family band Armored Flight has offered to try and help raise money and awareness by providing some of the music and entertainment for the day. The event is being held at the local Vegetable Patch located on Rockville Rd and promises to be exciting and fun for all ages.

Also appearing will be special guests, The Crosson Brothers out of Vacaville who just released their CD “Lights Out” with the hit single, “California’s Calling” featuring Armored Flight’s Brandon Andersohn, their newest addition and supporting guitarist.

Non Toxic will be also taking the stage to kick things off at the Vegetable Patch this year.  These guys deliver some great sounds that fill the air and they’re some of  Solano County’s BEST veteran musicians.  They know how to set the stage and raise the bar!!

Come on out this Saturday for a FREE Spring Fling and help us raise a ruckus and a couple bucks to help the dogs! All raffle proceeds will be donated to the cause. The Sheriff’s K9 Units will also be there to participate in all the festivities.

The 14 Year Old Guitar Extremist

The JS1200 Ibanez signature series guitar by Joe Satriani, what any guitarist wouldn’t give to own one.  Now for a 14 year old guitarist to be dreaming of owning one is another story, and here it is.  This is a guitar that has been the apple of this child’s eye for quite some time.   If you’ve ever seen “The Christmas Story” then you know how bad someone can want something and how fun it can be to surprise them with the gift of their dreams.  This was the case for Armored Flight guitarist Brandon Andersohn and it was no red rider BB gun.  A Christmas dream come true.

Not long after seeing and meeting Joe Satriani at a guitar clinic held at Guitar Center in San Francisco, CA. this young “extremist” decided to follow his dream and made a commitment that music and guitar were going to be his life.  One day, he’d be a professional guitar player just like his mentor Joe Satriani.  The inspiration and motivation instilled in this young man by Joe that evening is evident in this song and video.  That “one day” that he has dreamed of may already be here.  The candy apple red guitar resonates his heart and passion and displays his gifts and talents for both the eyes and ears.

Inspired by Joe Satriani, Brandon Andersohn performs “Always with me, Always With You

Father and Son – A Duo Duet Guitar Duel

Just imagine a 13 year old kid standing next to his Dad battling it out on guitars as you listen to this song.  It’s hard to picture a kid, just a kid, playing guitar like this, but I’m here to tell you it’s true.  I had the honor of standing right next to him and watching him pull this stuff off, and right off the cuff.   He’s truly an amazing artist with so much talent, and he’s only just begun.

Last week we sent in our video for the next round of America’s Got Talent in hopes that we’ll get to the next round of auditions.  In preparation for getting an opportunity to be on the show for season 5, Brandon and I decided to work on our chops and get a little practice in.  Now under normal circumstances, Brandon always plays guitar and his Dad plays bass to hold down the bottom end for Armored Flight.

This night was different. As Brandon peeled off to his room to rehearse, Dad decided to pick up the ol Ibanez guitar with the whammy bar and see what he had left in him after playing the bass guitar for so long.  “As I strapped her on, plugged her in, cranked the volume, and began riffing away, Brandon came walking into the loft with his guitar and chord in hand” and says, “Can I jam with you Dad?

Next thing I know, we’re blazing a trail to some new and undiscovered dimensions of music that were buried deep within our spirits and souls.  I can’t tell you how fun it was creating this new song.  First came the back-bone creation, the beat, and feeling of the moment, the bass and drum tracks.  Then came the harmony guitars and duo duet, quickly followed by the “Battle of the axes“, (Brandon wins of course) then right back into the ending of the song which closes with a compelling harmony that Father and Son improvise and embellish.

Press Play To Listen – It may Take a few seconds to Buffer
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The Father and Son Duo Duet Guitar Duel

We had a blast creating and recording this song and hope those of you who stumble upon this creation will enjoy it just as much as we did. This will be the first of many tunes to come on Brandon’s Debut “Solo” album that is now in the works and was inspired by this first song.  We hope to have it released before he turns 14 years old.  It’s amazing what can happen when you set aside the time to practice, create, embellish, and improvise with no set expectations.

☛ America’s Got Talent – Armored Flight Passes The Audition ✈

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✉  These were the exact words in the email we just received from the casting staff and casting producer at NBC’s AMERICA’S GOT TALENT SEASON 5! You can’t begin to imagine how exciting this is for us?!?   OMG, the excitement and emotions are running wild in the Andersohn home right now, and can hardly be expressed or even put into words.

This is a HUGE honor, privilege, and opportunity for our family and band. We’re nothing short of elated, flabbergasted, and floating on clouds right now.  Here’s the audition video we created while recording this song in the studio, and then submitted it for this seasons show.

✍  When we received word that we had passed the first round of auditions and are now going on to the next round, life and time seemed to just stop right there!  The only comparison that comes to mind is like finding out you just won the Lottery! We know that tens of thousands are turned away from AGT all over the country every year, and to be selected as a “next round” contestant makes us very humbled, and yet very proud.  Shoot, we are down-right STOKED!

The first thing we did when we found out was call the kids schools and ask that the principles announce it in each of their classrooms.  Brandon’s teacher announced it right in front of the whole class, while Dustin’s teacher walked into class and slipped him “the note.”  I can only imagine that concentrating on their classes the rest of the day after getting news like that must have been close to impossible.

So now we go on to the next level of auditions and if we make it past that, we go on the show and compete for the $1,000,000 dollars and a chance to be the Winners of America’s Got Talent Season 5. This is a dream come true. This is already a big win for us.  Just getting past the first round of auditions and making it to the next round could be one of our greatest accomplishments ever.  This is the beginning of some very exciting times ahead for us.

We love America, and hope they’ll love us back enough to vote for us, and help us win AGT5 as “America’s ONLY Family Rock Band!” We’ve got some serious hard work and lot’s of practice and rehearsals ahead, so we’ll be signing off for a while.  Don’t worry, we’ll be back very soon with an update and the latest news on what’s happening with this new journey and adventure of ours. Thanks AGT and thanks America!!  ★

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Armored Flight in the Battle of the Bands

Armored Flight in the Battle of the Bands

While we wait to hear from America’s Got Talent to see if we made the cut, the family band has entered into two “Battle of the Bands” contests.  They are both great opportunities for us to build exposure and get our music out into the world.  Since Armored Flight is one of the few (maybe the only) family rock bands in the Country and music industry, we feel there’s a great chance we could not only get selected for these “battles’ but we could win.

Ernie Ball Warped Tour – VOTE HERE

Having said that, we can’t do it without your support and votes. We’re asking our readers, family, friends, and fans to take a second and place a vote for us in both of these contests.  We will need quite a few votes in order to get the attention of the promoters for these events.  Even if you don’t take the time to vote, please stop by and take a listen to the songs we’ve entered.  They were written by the two brothers “Brandon and Dustin” and collaborated on with “Brad and Debra” the other half of the Armored Flight Band.  Thanks for your votes!!

Ernie Ball Crossroads Battle – VOTE HERE

We appreciate your continued support and hope you’ll enjoy “Just Do It”, “Lovin You” and “Take Me Away!”       

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Watch Out Eddie and Alex Van Halen – There’s New Kids In Town

Could these guys be the next “brother TEAM” in the Rock n Roll Business? Van Halen – Eddie is the Guitar player with his brother Alex on the Drums, well this is Brandon on the guitar with his brother Dustin on the drums.  These kids are just beginning their careers and have already created some great exposure and gathered some attention from some pretty heavy hitters not to mention from NBC’s America’s Got Talent.

The brothers and their “Family Band” just entered into the contest in Portland Oregon submitting their video  to the AGT5 website for auditions.

The video was just picked up by one of the AGT Fan sites and now they’re just waiting to hear if the next show they do will be on “NBC’s LIVE Television show, America’s Got Talent.

Does Eddie and Alex Van Halen got talent? You better believe it!  Will Brandon and Dustin be the next chosen “brothers” and band for America?  We’ll have to wait and see how America votes the answer to that?

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